What Is an "Old Salt?"


Old Salt (Informal): An experienced, weathered Sailor.  A seafaring storyteller who has sailed for many years.

It isn’t simply age – it’s experience.  The Old Salt might, in fact, be old; might be brash or a little crass and likely NOT a perfect fit for a black-tie affair.  But behind the unpolished, possibly gruff façade and the lively stories of liberty in the Far East, is the cold, steely determination of someone who has faced the hardest of times, the worst of Mother Nature, and endured personal sacrifice and loss.  The Old Salt will not advertise these things…but if one looks very close, you can see it in the eyes – it defines the Old Salt.

Nearly 250-years of history:  Rough Waters.  Famous Battles.  Long nights on the midwatch. Ports of call in places familiar and places long forgotten.  Giving everything you have, laying it all on the line for your Shipmates - refusing to back down to a challenge or to go down without a fight.  Legends one and all!  

Times have changed.  The modern day tools of the trade are vastly different from the days of sail, but the ocean and her unrelenting demands remain constant and unforgiving.  For those that answer the call and choose to sail on, above and below the sea, the seafaring traditions of old which time and again underpin success – those have NOT changed.

These traditions have been passed down from generation-to-generation, whether by example in times of swift action, or by the spoken word during brief times of calm and reflection.   They are a rite of passage for anyone who bears the title “Sailor”, who knows their “port” from “starboard” and the difference from “aweigh” and “underway”.   The pride in taking Sailors to sea, going in harm’s way, and returning them home safely has been the inspiration for generations of the greatest men and women America has to offer.

Whether stalking prey through the attack periscope, pushing Bingo limit to maintain missile lock, or finding those extra knots to maintain plane guard station, at Old Salt we’ve discovered how you start each mission determines how you finish it.  If you want to hang with some hipsters and see how many “likes” you get on social media, maybe go for a Grande Latte or something with pumpkin.  You want to be on-point and finish as strong as you started?  Old Salt is the choice.  Old Salt is the fuel for battle, camaraderie and rapport…and an excellent choice after a long run of liberty in your favorite haunch.

We here at Old Salt Coffee tip our caps to those who have served, and continue to serve, this great country.  Thanks to them we have the freedom to be Old Salt Coffee Company. 

Join us.  Kick back and hoist a mug of Old Salt Coffee to the Old Salts who are on station, around the world, 24/7.