Supporting Veteran Owned Coffee On Veterans Day


Supporting Veteran Owned Coffee On Veterans Day

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Old Salt Coffee is Crafted by Veterans

Veterans Know Their Coffee

If you've been following Old Salt Coffee, you're likely aware that we are founded by, and run, by veterans.

But why a veteran owned coffee company? We could have collaborated on many other projects, so why Old Salt?

Well there is just something special about coffee. It's an aroma that brings back memories, it's a taste that uplifts and it's a daily ritual that you want to share with friends. That's us.

The Taste of Camaraderie

In short: Old Salt aims to be the taste of camaraderie.

As veterans, we wanted to build a company that embodied our values and experience. But we also wanted our company to benefit individuals from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

And one thing that binds us all is camaraderie and friendship. Yes, the camaraderie we enjoyed with our fellow veterans is precious. But so are the friendships that enhance your life. In fact, knowing that we were protecting relationships and friendships like yours is part of what inspired us to serve.

We wanted to be part of a company whose mission spoke to us. But we wanted it to be something that spoke to you as well.

Veteran Owned Coffee, Enjoyed By All

In launching our brand, we were able to bring our specially brewed coffee online to the masses. We want to be the drink that brings you closer to the people you care about. A beverage you pour during moments of reunion and connection. The aroma enjoyed in the present moment. The taste recalled years later. Old Salt may be coffee owned by a veteran, but it's a beverage brewed with everyone in mind.

This November 11, Brew Some Old Salt

Halloween has its pumpkin spice. Christmas has its egg nog. We'd like to believe that a great way to celebrate Veterans Day is with a mug of freshly brewed Old Salt Coffee.

So this year, celebrate your freedom and toast your camaraderie by surrounding yourself with friends hoisting a cup of Old Salt. It's one of the best tributes to our service anyone could give.