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Brown Shoe Blend - Single Serve

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Roast: Medium / Light

Taste: Notes of milk chocolate and dried fruit.

Sailor Shanty:

"Strong and exotic yet gentle at heart
This Brown Shoe Blend is quite the perfect start
Light roasted coffee that's both Chocolate and Fruity
Will have you saying 'Ain't That a Beauty!'"

Whole Sailor Story:

The medium roasted beans of this exotic coffee are sourced directly from family-owned farms in the mountains of Huila, Colombia. The brew preserves the generations-old traditions of coffee cultivation and processing while serving as the lifeblood for the steely-eyed warriors and steadfast mechanics of the Naval Aviation community.

Meticulously cleansed and then roasted to perfection, Brown Shoe Blend boasts a unique mix of chocolate and fruity flavor profiles, delivering to your taste buds the kick you need to start your day whether you’re at home, on deck, or suited up and ready to go flying..

Brown Shoe Blend is engineered to be consumed from stained mugs that are blackened on the bottom and scratched on top from mustache bristles well beyond Navy Regulation limits. It is meant for the men and women still turning wrenches on an endless day or night shift, the old veterans strapped to an ejection seat for a 10-hour combat flight, the Maintenance Master Chiefs who refuse to accept both mechanical defeat and actual nourishment, and the young aviators who breathe fire, stare down death, and take their flying war machines wherever the Nation calls them to go.

A bag of Brown Shoe Blend is not for the faint of heart, fragile stature, or weak souls; Brown Shoe Blend embodies the boldness of Naval Aviation and the very best of American spirit, strength, and courage.

Strong yet smooth, Old Salt's Brown Shoe Blend Coffee is a companion that’ll remind you of the good ol’ days. Are you ready for a pitching deck, bad weather, low fuel light illuminated, hydraulic malfunction, Landing Signal Officer screaming, night time arrested landing on a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier – hell yes you are!

About the Coffee

K-Cup® is a registered trademark of Keurig. Old Salt Coffee Company, Inc. single serve pods are not affiliated with nor approved by the makers of K-Cup® brewing systems.

Customer Reviews

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Not to my taste. A good value if you like it.


I love Old Salt Coffee. It is smooth and never bitter. My personal favorites are Brown Shoe and Liberty Call blends. Highly recommend.


Old Salt Coffee is the best K Cup that we’ve ever had. So much smoother than any other coffee I’ve had.


Really like the mug and the Brown Shoe Blend is really good


Just average at best, not full bodied.

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