Freedom of the (French) Press


Freedom of the (French) Press

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According to David Lynch: “Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” While this statement may be true in a lot of situations, it still begs the question: “Why are you drinking bad coffee?”

There are three common reasons coffee turns out bad: poor-quality beans, poor-quality brewing, or both. When you buy a bag of joe from Old Salt Coffee Company, you’ll never have to worry about the quality. For those who like to purchase beans and brew at home, a little know-how can go a long way – especially if you’re a fan of the French press.

Continue reading to learn how to use a French press correctly for the best cup of joe yet:

About the Grind for a French Press

We’re always happy to grind your coffee beans for you at Old Salt. Our grind is suitable for a drip coffee maker, and will work in a French press, but will not be optimal. All of our coffee varieties are also available as whole beans! When grinding specifically for a French press, a courser, more even grind than you’d normally use in a countertop coffee maker is best – much courser than you would expect - almost chunky. This grind would also be suitable for a cold brew. But that is a topic we'll go over some other time.

When the coffee is too fine, granules will pass through the filter in the French press, which some may consider off-putting.

Boiled, but Not Boiling...

Boil your water (we recommend an electric kettle for convenience and speed) but wait until it stops boiling before you pour. If you pour the water while it's still boiling, you could end up with a bitter taste.

Stir It Up

A minute or so after you pour the hot water into your French press, give it a stir. Otherwise, the grounds tend to float to the top and you won’t get an optimal extraction. You may notice the coffee will release bubbles. This is normal.

Timing is Key

Generally speaking, it takes about four minutes for your coffee to brew in a French press, but tastes can differ. Your best bet is to start with four minutes and make any adjustments to fit your taste.


At Old Salt, we cater to the discriminating coffee drinker. Taste is important. You can expect only the highest-quality coffee from us. Check out our 5 coffee varieties: Brown Shoe Blend, Haze Gray, Silent Service, Green Eyes, and Liberty Call. Our goal is to bring sailors together to talk, joke, and do their job, day in and day out, whether on watch at sea, anchored to a desk, or at home. Shop the rest of our collection now!