Brown Shoe Blend - Old Salt Coffee

Brown Shoe Blend

Roast: Medium / Light

Taste: Notes of milk chocolate and dried fruit.

About: This brew comes from a cooperative in the mountain regions near Huila, Colombia, and serves as the lifeblood for the steely-eyed warriors and steadfast mechanics of the Naval Aviation community. The coffee is engineered to be consumed from unwashed mugs that are blackened on the bottom and scratched on top from mustache bristles well beyond Naval Regulation limits. It is meant for the men and women still turning wrenches on an endless day or night shift, the old veterans strapped to an ejection seat for a 10-hour combat flight, the Maintenance Master Chiefs who refuse to accept both mechanical defeat and actual nourishment, and the young aviators who breathe fire, stare down death, and take their flying war machines wherever the Nation calls them to go. A bag of Brown Shoe is not for the faint of heart, fragile stature, or weak souls. Brown Shoe embodies the boldness of Naval Aviation and the very best of American spirit, strength, and courage. Are you ready for a night, pitching deck, bad weather, low fuel light illuminated, hydraulic malfunction, Landing Signal Officer screaming, arrested landing on a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier – we'll see!

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