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Silent Service

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Roast:  Dark

Taste: Rich, full body roast with notes of dark chocolate and molasses

Introducing Silent Service Coffee:

Welcome aboard, where the depths meet the heights of flavor. Dive into Old Salt Coffee's Silent Service blend, crafted to honor the stealth and strength of the US Navy's legendary submarine fleet. Inspired by the Silent Service motto, this coffee emerges from the shadows with a bold, dark chocolatey profile that hits the mark like a perfectly aimed torpedo.

Craftsmanship in Every Sip:

Sourced from the high-altitude terrains of Sumatra's Jagong Mill and the lush fields of Colombia Forest Coffee, each bean tells a tale of dedication and mastery. At Jagong Mill, owned by Mr. Irham Junus and his family, meticulous cherry selection yields the prized Sumatra Organic Takengon IKA Mandheling Grade 1. This Sumatran gem is nurtured from farm to export, ensuring unparalleled quality in every cup. Meanwhile, in Colombia, Elias and Shady Bayter of El Vergel Estate have rewritten the script on coffee innovation. From avocado farms to coffee empires, their commitment to specialty varieties and cutting-edge fermentation techniques defines excellence in Colombian coffee. The result? A symphony of flavors that harmonize in every batch of Silent Service.

From Galley to Giving Back:

Beyond exceptional taste, every bag of Silent Service coffee supports a noble cause. For each purchase online, Old Salt Coffee pledges $1 to the Dolphin Scholarship Fund, empowering future generations linked to the Silent Service legacy.

Embrace Your Silent Service Moment:

Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a landlocked adventurer, Silent Service coffee invites you to start your day with purpose. Let each sip be a salute to quiet courage and relentless dedication. Because just like submarines prowling the deep, greatness lies beneath the surface—discover it with Silent Service.

Join the Mission:

Embrace the call of the deep. Order your bag of Silent Service coffee today and taste the legacy. This isn't just coffee; it's a mission, a movement, and a moment of salute. In every cup of Silent Service coffee, honor meets flavor, and tradition meets innovation. Experience it for yourself—because excellence should always be savored.

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Very tasty coffee.


Dark, but not bitter. Very smooth cup of coffee!


Best coffee I’ve ever tasted.


Was good


Great tasting coffee

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Old Salt Coffee Non-Profit Sponsor

Dolphin Scholarship Foundation

Old Salt Coffee is proud to partner with the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation (DSF). For each bag of Silent Service coffee sold through Old Salt’s website, we will donate $1 to support DSF's mission of easing the financial burden of undergraduate and vocational education for the sons, daughters, and spouses of Submariners. DSF was established in 1960, and they awarded their first scholarship of $350 to John L. Haines, Jr. in June 1961. Initial funds for DSF were raised through the efforts of submarine officers' wives' organizations throughout the United States. Today, DSF continues to receive strong financial support from submarine spouse organizations and the submarine community as well as support from individuals, corporations, and fundraising activities. Donations go directly to support scholarships; income from DSF investments supplement these contributions for scholarships and operating expenses. To learn more about DSF's work and mission, please visit