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Battleship Blend

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Roast: Medium / Dark

Taste: Notes of dark chocolate and brown sugar sweetness

Sailor Shanty:

"Battleship Blend is what we have in our pot
It’s big, bold and dark like a super dreadnought
With notes of dark chocolate and brown sugar inside
It will light up your day, like a full broadside."

Whole Sailor Story:

Skillfully roasted to a perfect medium-dark, Old Salt's Battleship Blend is set to bombard your senses with its bold flavor and rich, full-bodied taste.

The perfect kick of caffeine will jerk you awake and keep you energized throughout the day, even when you’re gearing up for a night-watch.

Battleships have had a storied history and evoke instant respect like no other vessels that have sailed mother ocean. Old Salt's Battleship Blend hits the mark and brings the energy and excitement of a broadside of 16-inch guns. Battleship Blend is perfect for those times when you need to be alert and active, whether it’s a long evening watch or a pick-me-up in the middle of the day. And of course Battleship Blend is the perfect cup O’ Joe to jump-start every morning. Delectable notes of dark chocolate and brown sugar make this coffee blend truly enjoyable whether you're starting your shift, powering through it, or spending afternoons sharing Sailor tales with your fellow vets over a cup of coffee. One sip of this ass kicker dark brew coffee and everything else pales in comparison -there is no counterpart to Old Salt's Battleship Blend. Brewed by veterans but meant for everyone, it's the coffee that reminds you of the energy of the sea and the brave souls who are never afraid to stand up for all that is good.

Old Salt's Battleship Blend: Like the battleships themselves, we bring the goods to the fight - every time… Batteries Released - Fire for Effect!

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