Why We Love The Super Bowl


Why We Love The Super Bowl

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The 56th edition of the Super Bowl will take place on February 13th. A lot has changed since Green Bay defeated Kansas City in the inaugural game on January 15, 1967. Heck, that game didn’t even come close to selling out.

Military Ties Run Deep

But one thing that has been fairly consistent throughout the years are the overlapping of the game with appreciation of military service. Last year’s game featured a one-of-its-kind, memorable flyover featuring a B-1, B-2 and B-52 (whose numbers added up to “55,: the number of that year’s game). 

 The previous year, the game featured a touching tribute honoring four veterans who had recently celebrated their 100th Birthdays. And of course, who can forget Super Bowl XV which was played right in the midst of the 1991 Gulf War, Whitney Houston National Anthem and all?

Remembering Staubach

But the ties run even deeper. At least six veterans have also suited up to play in the Big Game! And one player on that list, Roger Staubach, was a Super Bowl MVP.

After winning the Heisman Trophy as Navy’s QB in 1963, Roger’s service as Naval Officer would include a tour of duty in South Vietnam, where he supervised 41 enlisted men. After completing his service, he would make his long awaited NFL debut as a 27-year-old rooke in 1969. 

He would appear on his first Super Bowl roster a year later for Super Bowl V, but would see his first game-day action the following year in Super Bowl VI. That game would arguably be seen as the highlight of his career where he led the Dallas Cowboys to their first Super Bowl Trophy, winning the MVP along the way. 

Roger would play in three more Super Bowls, winning one more in 1978 and would retire after 11 Seasons as a 6-time Pro Bowler. He would be elected to the NFL Hall of Fame, have his #12 retired by the Cowboys and accompanied former President George H. W. Bush for the Super Bowl XXXVI coin toss.

Not All Heroes Wear Uniforms

Military Heroes and Super Bowl Heroes each play important roles in life. They teach us a lot about leadership, perseverance, loyalty, camaraderie and the importance of sacrificing for something larger than yourself.

But at Old Salt Coffee, we know that you don’t need to wear either uniform, or any uniform, to be a champion or a hero. Every one of us has the potential to make the world better by connecting and looking out for each other. And when you’re connecting, we hope you do it over a cup of fresh joe, care of Old Salt.

So this February 13, consider including some Old Salt Coffee on your Super Bowl Menu. We symbolize the same elements of friendship and bonding that football does and we’re meant to be shared alongside the game. Just a warning though, we are many things but we are not meant as a replacement for Gatorade post-game baths. :) 

We are Old Salt Coffee, founded by veterans, brewed for everyone and roasted with the taste of camaraderie!