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The Whole Fleet - Pick 3 Coffees

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Mix n' match your favorite 3 coffees!


The Whole Fleet Coffee Set combines 3 of our skillfully roasted coffee blends. Pick from our Brown Shoe Blend, Silent Service, Haze Gray, Green Eyes, and Battleship Blend to build your perfect loadout. The set of 3 will keep you stocked up so you can stay awake and energized with a variety of damn good coffee.

Silent Service: Dark and discreet, its rich, dark chocolatey and full-bodied taste will hit you from out of nowhere like a torpedo. Deep underwater in a 10,000-ton war machine, cruising at 20 knots—there’s no better time or place to enjoy a steaming mug of Silent Service coffee.
Haze Gray: This medium-dark roast coffee is for those who love it dark with a lot of spark, whether it’s their coffee, the skies above, or their assigned watch. With a bold mix of dark chocolate and sugarcane, Haze Gray makes for a great slow-sipping brew.
Brown Shoe Blend: The medium roasted beans of this exotic coffee are sourced directly from family-owned farms in the mountains of Huila, Colombia. The brew preserves the generations-old traditions of coffee cultivation and processing while serving as the lifeblood for the steely-eyed warriors and steadfast mechanics of the Naval Aviation community.
Battleship Blend: Skillfully roasted to a perfect medium-dark, Old Salt's Battleship Blend is set to bombard your senses with its bold flavor and rich, full-bodied taste.
Green Eyes: With your bright green eyes looking straight ahead and a steaming mug of this dark roast coffee on board, you’ll be ready to get through the darkest nights. A tribute to those who operate tirelessly in the night, this veteran-owned coffee is big on flavor and caffeine.

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