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Silent Service

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Roast:  Dark

Taste: Rich, full body roast with notes of dark chocolate and molasses

Sailor Shanty:

"Silent Service we call it..Dark and Discreet
With notes of Chocolate and Molasses..Ain't it a treat
Rich and full-bodied is this veteran-brewed roast
So grab your favorite mateys and hoist your mug as a toast!"

Whole Sailor Story:

You know the saying, "Out of sight, Out of mind??!!"

Yeah, you’ll never see us coming. Dark and discreet, its rich, dark chocolatey and full-bodied taste will hit you from out of nowhere like a torpedo.

Deep underwater in a 10,000-ton war machine, cruising at 20 knots—there’s no better time or place to enjoy a steaming mug of Silent Service coffee.

Made by veterans with veterans especially in mind, this French roast coffee comes from selected Colombian coffee beans, harvested using traditional methods, and gives you that caffeine rush you expect from a cup of Joe, but without the jitters. Available in whole bean and ground options, you’ll be fresh, fearless, and ready for whatever the day throws at you after you’ve enjoyed a mug of Silent Service.

We wanted to be sure this dark coffee meets the needs of those Sailors underwater and under pressure for months at a time. A lot of effort and care goes into every batch to make sure the product is perfect every time - a true hallmark of the Silent Service.

Some days are noisier than others but after Angles and Dangles is completed successfully and the boat is rigged for silent running, Old Salt's Silent Service will have you ready for whatever comes your way. So start your day with a silent moment...a Silent Service moment. And remember, loose lips - and ADCAP torpedoes - sink ships, and bad coffee just sucks.

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Very tasty coffee.


Dark, but not bitter. Very smooth cup of coffee!


Best coffee I’ve ever tasted.


Was good


Great tasting coffee

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Old Salt Coffee Non-Profit Sponsor

Dolphin Scholarship Foundation

Old Salt Coffee is proud to partner with the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation (DSF). For each bag of Silent Service coffee sold through Old Salt’s website, we will donate $1 to support DSF's mission of easing the financial burden of undergraduate and vocational education for the sons, daughters, and spouses of Submariners. DSF was established in 1960, and they awarded their first scholarship of $350 to John L. Haines, Jr. in June 1961. Initial funds for DSF were raised through the efforts of submarine officers' wives' organizations throughout the United States. Today, DSF continues to receive strong financial support from submarine spouse organizations and the submarine community as well as support from individuals, corporations, and fundraising activities. Donations go directly to support scholarships; income from DSF investments supplement these contributions for scholarships and operating expenses. To learn more about DSF's work and mission, please visit