The Taste of Camaraderie : Friends Bonding Over Old Salt Coffee


The Taste of Camaraderie : Friends Bonding Over Old Salt Coffee

Friends bonding over beverages is nothing new.

Brands have built entire identity campaigns around the concept. And we can think of a certain legendary sitcom that centered around the lives of a group of "Coffee Friends."

In many ways, coffee is a food group that lends itself to bonding and friendship. Coffee is more universal and inclusive than beer or desserts. A beverage meant to be savored and sipped while sitting. Coffee sets up the perfect atmosphere for chatting, joking, reminiscing and connecting.

There is Nothing Like Sharing Coffee with Friends

Somebody recently told us that Old Salt Coffee captures "The Taste of Camaraderie." We're not sure if anything could have made us smile larger or longer.

As a veteran owned coffee company, we understand that life is better when you're surrounded by people you cherish and trust. We understand that friendship makes everything taste better.

Coffee Moments Are Meant To Be Shared With Coffee Friends

We want you to have moments where you share coffee surrounded by those dear to you. We hope your coffee of choice is Old Salt. But regardless of whom you're drinking, we want you to savor and enjoy it with people who matter to you.

And while we ourselves are not doctors, recent findings suggest that coffee even help you live longer. So it's quite feasible that each moment you drink coffee with friends may buy you more moments in the future.

Come For Our Roast, Stay For The Camaraderie

Camaraderie is at our essence and if we somehow captured that in our recipe then we have succeeded in our mission. In the end, we realize your friends like you for you, as well as they should. Old Salt is here to augment the atmosphere.

And perhaps, offer up some good tasting coffee as well.