Brown Shoe Blend Women's Tank

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The Brown Shoe Blend logo was inspired by Jimmy Thach’s F4F Wildcat fighter, the tough, lethal aircraft that decimated enemy bomber formations.  Old Salt Coffee tanks are a direct reflection of our company’s mission statement: Bring Sailors together - past and present, at sea or ashore - to share their sea stories over a cup of Old Salt Coffee.  These tanks will start the conversation; it isn’t just that they are high-quality, kick-butt torso coverings;  It is just a tank top after all.  It's probably like other tanks you have...but not.  It's just way cooler. Old salt is new, so you can have something no one else does and be that cool guy or gal. Or, if you're over things that are too mainstream, wear it around jamokes who wear BRCC stuff, and piss them off by telling them Old Salt Coffee is better.

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